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UCI Road World Championships

UCI Road World Championships 2017 will be held in Bergen and arranged by Norges Cykleforbund. This is the second time this large summer event takes place in Norway. In 1993, Oslo held the event and at that time the Track Cycling championships took place in Hamar. This is a large event for Bergen and Norway, and the city is proud to have been granted the possibility after competing with 6 other alternative locations.

UCI Road World Championships 2017

Overnatting Sykkel-VM 2017

UCI Road World Championships 2017 will be a great event for Bergen. When the championships are closing in, the city will be filled with spectators, volunteers and organizing employees who are all looking forward to being part of this event. This is a prestigious event within cycling, and the winner will get the honors to wear the rainbow colored shirt until the next championships. When all spectators, organizers and volunteers are arriving, there will much competition to find a place to spend the night as all accommodations will fill up quickly. There will especially be a challenge in finding somewhere to live near downtown.

Bergen YMCA Hostel

In the heart of Bergen you will find Bergen YMCA Hostel. They offer cheap accommodations all year around. If you would like your own room, or if you only need a bed and don’t mind sharing the room with others, this is a cheap alternative located close to the Tourist information and Fisketorget. For you who would like to experience downtown Bergen, but would like to do so as cheaply as possible, this is the place to be.

Available accommodations

Bergen YMCA Hostel have available accommodations to offer during the UCI Road World Championships 2017. Share a room with others who have the same interest in UCI Road World Championships, or be early and find your own room so you can relax in peace in your room in the evening, and you would like to unwind and relax to be ready for a new and exciting day. Accommodations during these kinds of events fill up quickly, so it is important to book early to find a central place to live.

Pre-booking a room

There is a possibility to be pre-booking a room for the UCI Road World Championships at bergenhostel.com. Don’t wait until the last minute and risk that there are no rooms left when the championships start, but take the opportunity to book a room or bed in the middle of downtown Bergen. If you are one of the volunteers, or you will be contributing to the organizing, it is incredibly important to have a nice place to spend the night so you will be rested and ready to contribute to organizing the event.

Here you will find a lot of unique nature and exciting architecture that you will not find many other places. Prepare for the event now and book your accommodations on bergenhostel.com now so you will not miss the opportunity to be in the center of the championships. When this event is set in Norway once again, it is something you should not miss.

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